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Imagine the possibilities if you could visualize in real time, the thought process behind the most popular cryptocurrencies out there.With the Coinsent App, you can see the thoughts and opinions of people instantly on your phone.

Its clever use of artificial intelligence and Big Data capabilities will provide complex statistical information in simple, easy to digest formats.

Since cryptocurrencies have no real market (no DAX or NASDAQ can report on them), you are often left wide open to the volatile swings of global sentiment, with any delay proving costly.

Having the power to analyze current market values versus worldwide sentiment scores and transaction volumes versus data volumes at your fingertips, will put you firmly in the driving seat and a step ahead of the “me too” crowd.


Correlate opinions and prices

CoinSent brings you the most straightforward and cleanest way of viewing two different information feeds simultaneously and provides the insight into the current state of mind of the cryptocurrency market. Create your correlation, share it with a community, catch the uncatchable and trace the untraceable behavior of cryptocurrency market.

View and corelate change that can happen in people’s opinion.

Compare charts for a day, a week or a month.

Filter and read tweets about a specific cryptocurrency.

Get notified on change regarding price, sentiment, transaction volume or volume of tweets.

Jupiter One

Big data analysis is the new black

Today’s information-driven business culture challenges organizations to integrate data from a wide variety of sources to improve customer acquisition and retention, increase operational efficiencies, strengthen product and service delivery, and enter new markets. To meet these goals, enterprises demand accessible, timely, actionable data—plus analytical environments that can scale to the tremendous growth in data volume, variety, and velocity while also handling diverse types of enterprise data processing workloads. As data volumes and business complexity increase, the traditional “scale up and scale out” approach has become impractical and far too costly. Business leaders must rethink their strategies to address the inadequacies of existing systems.

We have JupiterOne Analytics on top of Big Data Reference Architecture used within Crossing Technologies. Reference Architecture is built to address the needs of Big Data users. From that perspective it’s:

  • Balanced and Flexible: Architectural design points for computing or I/O bound analytics since Big Data problems are not all the same.
  • Easy Growth: Building block design point to start small and grow meeting the rapidly changing demands of big data users.
  • Integrated Design: High performance data ingestion to address all big data information requirements with options for networking and storage architectures.

how it works.

It’s “How it lives”.

CoinSent analyses sentiment collected through JupiterOne Big Data Analytics and displays its changes in correlation with the price change. It also tracks transaction volume and correlates it with the volume of tweets.

  • See price change
  • Keep track on influencers opinions
  • See how much of a coin is sold or bought
  • See how many people tweets – something is happening then
  • Check live feed to see precisely what people tweet
  • Set alerts when there is a price or sentiment change
  • Set alerts when there is an increase in purchase or sale
  • Set alerts when there is an increased number of tweets
  • Track all the changes on a chart.


Small, for something this big.

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